Electoral Roll FAQ's

Electoral Roll Search FAQ's

The electoral roll has 2 versions ; you can choose to opt out of the edited version, but your details need to be on the full version for credit checks to obtain bank loans, credit cards and mortgages, so credit reference agencies can search your details when you apply for credit. Being on the electoral register is crucial for your credit score, if you are not on it you will find it harder to obtain credit.

The two versions of the Electoral roll are:

- The full electoral roll, which is used when you vote in elections, and is restricted on who can look at it.

- The open (or edited) electoral roll, which is available for companies to purchase, you can opt out of this version if you need to and it is searchable by anyone online.

What's the full electoral roll used for? The full roll lists names and addresses of everyone who is registered to vote in public elections (general elections and local elections), and it's used to ensure only eligible voters can place a vote.

Do I need to be on the full roll? YES, If you are not, applying for any form of credit will be very hard, as it will result in idenification and residential tracing problems.

What's the open / edited roll and do I need to be on it? this is the public version of the electoral roll. It's mainly used by business for marketing purposes. whilst you need to be on the electoral roll to vote, and to apply for credit, there's no requirement for you to be on the open electoral roll.

Can I check if I am on the open electoral roll? Yes, use the box below to see if you appear listed.


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